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If I buy any product on that shycart website then the box i receive after purchased it, the box can be mention any kind of this product detail for example i purchase it and product i receive is overall cover with "MANFORCE HEADLINE" YES or NOT


Can I Have Sex With My GF On Her 2nd Day Of Her Perideos With Condom

Crezendo vs Carex

Which one will be a better choice for first-time users? We have never used Vibrating ring before.

Long last sprays

Can you suggest the name of one ejaculation delayed spray which does not have any smell of flavour, because i don't like the smells or flavours that are used in these sprays ?

How to use condom

How to use condom

Want to know the delivery time

Can you please let me onow which product is best for delay ejaculation during sex for men.

Not motility

Hello , My husband not have in motility. How to increase the sperm motility. Which mediation useful.

Sexual Time and Sexual arousal in her.

1.How to increase the sex time in bed? 2.How to increase the sexual arousal in her?


Is any Condom less than 180 mm. My penis size is 5 inch when erected. 180 mm length Condom does not fit .

Is Masturbation good for health?

Is it good for health? How many times per day is good?

Testicle pain

From last 4-5 days I am having pain in my right testicle and since then i am not even able to workout in gym. Because of pain in the testicle sometimes i even feel pain in my right leg. What can i do ?

Frequent Masterbutation

If a boy does masterbutation very frequently in the sense say daily, 365 times per year. Is there any harmful effects???


How it is going to affect his life or in future??

Doing Masturbation from last 10 Yrs

I am 30 Yrs old man, i use to do the masturbation from last 10 Yrs, I use to masturbation approx very week 2 times to 3 times, now i am 30 yrs old and married from last 1 yrs, now i am facing issue with erection of deck and i can not able to make out more than one time a day, and even i feel very sleepy after sex. Even some time i feel weak after making out.

Pls advise any medicine.


movable of skin

Sir can you help me?? I want to know if the skin on penis doesn't comes back fully instead it comes partially at that time wat can i do???

Sex & Penetration

Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration physically but not by any medical methods?

Is it possible that sperms can reach to a womans egg even though she is a virgin?

want to increase my penis size

hello sir i am 23 and my penis size is small .is any good medicine for enlarge my penis..

Why are both of my breasts are paining on the sides?

Hey all, i am a 20 year old girl, i am taking krimson-35 birth control tablets for regularising my periods because my periods were irregular, so doctor suggested me krimson-35 tablets for 3 month course, i am taking these tablets from past 18 days, and from the day i started taking tablets, both of my breasts have become tender and i have a kind of pain on the sides. Is it the side effects of tablets? I am scared help me?

Am I pregnant ? ... I need some help?

'm 17 & sexually active . I started having itching .. (Down there) so I went to the doctor & was told I have a yeast infection , then i started having a pain in my lower right abdominal area . I've read ALOT of stuff on people who have yeast infections as an early sign or pregnancy & lower ab. Pain as a sign , but on the other hand could the pain be from the yeast infection ? It is a possibility I could be pregnant ( I had sex the day before ovulation ) BUT I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms or signs & my period isn't due till next week ... help ?!

Will i be a pregnant?

Hello everyone...my first day of my last period was on 1/6/2013....and had sex with my husband continuously till 14/6/2013..due to some reasons we didn't have sex from 15th to 23.....i have a 30 day cycle....are there any chances for me to get pregnant...?? very much eagerly waiting to be a mother....help me

Had protected sex on 2nd day of periods and the next day period stopped..! Am I pregnant ?

Had protected sex on 2nd day of periods and the next day period stopped..! Am I pregnant ?

I had sex with my girlfriend, but there was no bleeding, why?

I had sex with my girlfriend, but there was no bleeding, why?

Tightening my vagina?

i broke up with my bf just a month ago we had protected sex for around 20 times...now im 20yrs and i ll get married at 24yrs..within that i want to tighten my vagina so that my husband don't find that im not virgin..plss help me do some thing without any medicines or surgery.is there any possibility of my vagina to shrink by itself within 3yrs.when i had sex first time i didn't bleed.wat does it mean.my bf''s penis will be small about 6 inches and not more thick..wats the prob i had and wat should i do plss suggest me some ideas.

Is my gf pregnant even after taking unwanted 72?

We had unprotected sex on 23rd june,she took unwanted 72 on 24th june , 24th june ws supposed to be her 1st day of cycle as 31st maY was d 1st day of last menstruetion cycle and she is having 24 days in a cycle usually..today is 26th jun but she still not having her period.. M worry if she is pregnant or wat..? Plz help me wat shud i do..? Plz


Dear Sir 

I am 25 yrs old and also married. i want to increase my bust siz as i am not happy with it. plz suggest me some natural stuff which are safe and having no side effects. thnk u 

pls answer my question as soon as possible ...

me and my girlfriend had gone physical in bed , we where completly undressed when we did that . i masturbated on her chest and when she got up one drop of my sperms slided down to her vegina . this happened yesterday and actually she was to get periods today , but all her symptoms has stopped all of a sudden . she used to get those white distarges before that incident , nw that also has stopped . is it that she is preganent ?

she is just 18 now ..

can any prcaustion be taken to stop preganency ?

How to increase penis size and sex time and masturbation time

Hello sir. My Penis size is very small and i'm engaged. My marriage is near and i worried about my penis size. Please suggest something to increase my penis size. and when i masturbate, sperm comes out with in a minute. Please tell me how to increase sex time.

Itching in my vagina,nt at all times then when i urinate then bleeding,pain in my lower abdomen?

Am too scared to see a doctor itching in my vagina,nt at all times then when i urinate blood comes out like am having my menstration then pain in the lower abdomen.hw can dis infection be gotten? and I av unprotected sex tho am sorry about that. But I don't get pregnant but my fiancee ejaculates in me wat are my chances of getting pregnant?

Is this a period or what?

i got my periid 8 days late....and now it is lasting for like 8 days....first 3-4 days it was normal...then for the remaining days it is light....like one pad per day...so is this a period or what is it....am i pregnant?i did a blood test it showed negative pregnancy too...but i am still worried i am getting lot of mood swings too...btw normally my periods are only for 5 days max

Please answer this....?

Why is it so that after intercourse is done, a lot of fluid feels to come out of my vagina...so much so that i need to wipe it off with tissue paper...Is that fluid coming out normal thing?
Please also tell, is that fluid is released from my husband's organ or what?

What should i be eating while im pregnant

Although I am only a week or so I'd like to know if there are good and bad foods I'd like to do something good as I am a smoker n have decided I wont stop but will cut back with the smoking! Can anyone tell me if there are good and bad foods or drinks or anything certain I should be eating? :)

Trying to have a baby?

Hi there,

I am worrying because me and my bf are trying to have a baby. i am in my fertile days and about 5-10 mins after sex (he ejaculated after I orgasmed), a lot of liquid comes out of my vagina. It is not the first time this happened and i tried to put a pillow under my hips and put my legs up for a bit, but it still happens.

Please help me.. I am really worried. Is it normal that A LOT of liquid comes out after sex?

I have a unprotective sex but not completly so how much chances to getting pregnent?

i have sex before 6 days can i get a tablet for periods coming soon .

Is it possible pregnancy?

i have take i pill(ECP) on fourth week of my cycle and after than i had my period 24th_31st may ,and then i had protected sex on 3june...but from 5june to 8june i was having spotting. .is it possible symptom of pregnancy or pill effect?

Can a single drop of sperm make a women pregnant?

Can a single drop of sperm make a women pregnant?

Period after 16 days of start of previous period due to ipill?

My girlfriend has her period on 9th of June and lasted until 6 days 14th of June. We have had safe sex on 15th of June and Condom was intact. However because of some foreplay after sex I gave her an ipill on 18th of June. However again on 20th of June I just inserted it twice inside her after ensuring that no precum is being released. Now suddenly on 23 rd she has started bleeding and she's having abdominal pain, she says she feels its exactly like period. Please note that she had already taken two ipills on 23rd and 29 th April and she had her period on 6th may. So is this the effect of iPill ? Because I was being really careful all the time and ensured the state of condom after sex. Please tell me what is this bleeding ? And yes She says its quite heavy.

Pregnancy related question? Please help?

is it possible to get pregnant in the first intercourse or one should try more times

Can you please tell me that i am pregnent or not?

Me and my boyfriend had sex 3 months ago..after that..first 2 months i got my period but this month i missed it...i dont like eating non-veg nowadays..i feel pain in my nipples when i touch it today...yesterday i felt a slight pain in my stomach...so am i pregnent??

Is first sex painful?

I've never had sex. My boyfriend of 8 months wants to get physical but I've developed a phobia for sex. Many of my non-virgin friends have narrated their horrifying first sex encounters. I want to know whether it really is painful or the pleasure of sex undermines it?

Sex question - no blood first time and intense trembling?

So me and my boyfriend are virgins. Well he's kinda a virgin, his "sex" times before apparently don't count since he never got more than the tip in or something. I dunno. I just turned 18 a week ago and i definitely wanted to try it since my boyfriend is 19.

Anyways, I was never given the sex talk (yay for uncaring parents) so I've been confused. I don't know if my hymen is still in contact. We lubed up and he penetrated me (it was painful oh my god) but i ended up on talk.

His entire penis entered me and there was no blood, does that mean I don't have a hymen (I am so sorry i am a poorly educated person when it comes to sex)? Also, why does it hurt so much? We tried a variety positions and it ached and stung even with a lot of lube. Will it go away soon the more we try?

Second, during foreplay he went down on me and I had some weird things happen to me.
I experienced:
- tingly feeling throughout body
- intense involuntary trembling in my legs (near the crotch area)
- intense muscle contractions and stiffness (I couldn't move my hand or arm... scary)
- my lips had shrunked in

What was happening? Should I be worried? Was it just because I was a little more nervous than usual (I didn't feel anxious or anything).

When is the best chance to get a women pregnant?

im 26 Male i newly married and i want my wife to be pregnant. .i enjoyed much sex but she is not still pregnant .please advice me When is the best chance to get a women pregnant

I want to know that am i pregnant?

Hi doctor,
My age is 21.I had my periods on 26th May 2013.
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 9th june 2013 though my boyfriend is sure that he didn't ejaculate inside my vagina.Also to be on a safer side i took an i-pill after 48 hours but haven't bleeded till now neither im feeling any of the after pill symptoms mentioned on the packet of pill(abdominal pain,vommitting,headache,bleeding efc)
Are there still any chances of getting pregnant and when can i perform a home pregnency test?

I'm felt this cramping for two days... my period was already passed 7 days ago.?

i had sex with my partner after 2 days my period ends...am i pregnant?

Can I get virgin vagina back?

Dr. I am meghana 23yrs old. I have been in relation with my boyfriend from past 5yrs. We had sex every 2-3 times a week literally.
Recently came to know he was cheating on me so broke up with him. Its been 3 months that I broke up.
My parents want me to get married, but I am scared whether my husband will come to know I am not a virgin.
I want to tighten my vagina into virgin vagina for a good life ahead.
I know by hiding it, I am cheating him but I am helpless. Cant tell him the truth. You can understand how much it matters to a husband his wife's virginity in India. My family's reputation and all will get spoiled if this matter comes out.I was a fool to trust my boyfriend.
My marriage date is out.3months after in my marriage.
I am going to gym and doing whole body toning exercises (thredmill,cycle,cross trainer, stretching exercises,etc) and i am doing kegel exercise too.
Please help me out. I need your help desperately.

way to tame ones sexual engeries

I'm a 25 yr old female, unmarried , no boyfriend , my problem is that I have lots of sexual flushes as in outbursts , which i can't control, i feel i being flooded with sexual energies, , leaves me distracted , unable to concentrate in my work, i wish to seek help so as to divert my energies towards my studies as I'm a student.


m having leucorrhea from a long time...can u plz suggest me a treatment??

Excessive bleeding during periods

hello m goin through ma dates... and this tym its bleeding more than the normal..... so m not understanding why...... plzzzzz tell me... what should i do.... as its paining a lot in ma back

Excessive Masturbation & Impotency during sex

hello .. i masturbate a lot..  some day before i couldn't satisfy my lady love with sex.. its like only during penetration my penis gets impotent.

Irregular Periods

What are the reasons for having irregular periods?

Contraceptive pills

Are contraceptive pills safe?

Sex during Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? 

Test Tube Conception

Is test tube baby a healthy and safer way of conception?

Breast Development

Is there any ways to develop breast?

Small breasts and fertility issues

I have a small breast. Will it affect my fertility? Does fertility have any connection with the size of breast?

Good sperm count but still infertile

What is the reason for men to be infertile even though they have a good sperm count?

Sex education and its impacts

Is Sex education a must in schools? Amongit’s contradicting ideas, Can I know the benefits of it?

Gender of the fetus

Is there any Male and Female differentiation in the sperm? Is gender of the fetus is determined by that particular fusing sperm (Male or female)?

Chances of Pregnancy

I am 35 years old. At the earlier stage myhusband was not interested to have a child. When we planned to have one, I dintnot get conceived. Is there chances for me to get pregnant now?

Diet for irregular periods

I have irregular periods. But I don want to take medicine. What is the diet that i should follow?

Breast Pumps & best practices

What are the ways to clean the breast pumps and keep the milk hygiene?

Female Condoms

Is female condoms easy to use? How can I use it? Is it available in India?


At the time of pregnancy, can you advice me on maternity clothes?


I am 42 now. I have periods with very heavy flow. It is worse than the usual. Is it due to the menopause time or any other serious thing? Am upset. Kindly advice!

Personal Care

Rashes on thighs - Are napkins the cause?

Tampons At Menstruation

I have not used tampons till now. But I am very much uncomfortable with the napkins.Will tampons be better than sanitary pads?

Body temperature

I have a temperature shoot up every evening. Why is it so? Is it a symptom of ovulation or something else?

My eyes are getting darker after I’m conceived?

Hi friends my eyes and neck turned too black after got conceived. Please advise me why it is getting dark?

Drinking coffee and our health

Drinking coffee and our health

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps vs Breast Feeding


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