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Everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel (50g) - 100% Natural

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Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream (50GM)

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Everteen Menstrual cup - Small - Solid tube stem

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Everteen Applicator Tampons - Lite Flow

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Everteen Applicator Tampons - Regular

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Everteen Super Tampons with Applicator

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About Everteen

Everteen is a woman intimate wellness brand owned by Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt. Ltd. (W&D Group). It is founded established in 2013. Wet & Dry Personal Care is fast growing healthcare and intimate wellness company for women headquartered in New Delhi, India. Everteen is the best women intimate wellness brand that has a passion for manufacturing innovative health and intimate wellness products and provide solutions for the most common problems faced by women especially during menstruation, pregnancy and sexual intercourse. Wet and Dry Personal Care is immensely experienced for almost 50 years in manufacturing high quality health care products with their highly qualified professional team specialized in beauty, fitness and wellness.

Everteen offers ethical, versatile, rational and best solutions that help to promote intimate wellness for women. Everteen’s products are trusted by over several hundreds of thousands of customers not just in one country but in more than 150 countries including India, US, UK, China, Australia, Oman, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Oman, UAE, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and few African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Kenya, and Uganda. All Everteen products never compromise on safety and quality standards as they are committed to offer products with transcending quality and are being manufactured at Government-approved facilities/industries in India. Everteen products are approved by USFDA and CE.

Everteen showcases a wide range of products online to promote intimate care and sexual wellness in India. Everteen product categories are as follows

Everteen Vaginal Tightening cream

Buy Everteen Vaginal Tightening Cream in India which is enriched with a special blend of skin-friendly chemicals that rejuvenates the intimate skin and helps in tightening and strengthening of vagina bringing it back to its original form. This vaginal tightening cream helps in improving the blood circulation in the intimate region thereby strengthening the vaginal muscles. It rejuvenates intimate skin. At times, women might feel discomfort and irritation in the inner lining of the genitals. This happens mainly due to the laxity of the intimate skin along the inner vaginal walls. This vaginal tightening cream increases flow of blood to intimate region. As a result, blood circulation increases and vaginal muscles start to regain its strength and original form within stipulated amount of time. It also enhances vaginal lubrication. Lack of lubrication can be a major cause of uneasiness in the intimate region. Everteen vaginal tightening cream not only helps in replenishing of lubrication but also acts as a moisturizer thereby making the intimate skin soft and silky. Preventing dryness gets difficult as you grow older and using a vaginal moisturizer would turn out to be beneficial in such cases. Everteen tightening cream will help to maintain pH balance. This intimate care vaginal tightening cream is one of the best suited intimate hygiene products as it helps in maintaining the pH level of the intimate region. Often, fluctuations in the pH levels cause genital discomfort giving you unpleasant experiences.

Everteen Intimate wash & wipes for Women

Buy Everteen intimate wash and wipes in India at low price to stay clean and fresh all day long. Everteen caters utmost care to intimate skin. Everteen as a brand, is striving hard to bring women a revolutionary and unforgettable product that helps them to prevent vaginal itching, irritations and infection in intimate area. Everteen intimate wash and wipes online in India is the complete package for women to get rid of all kinds of bacterial infection in intimate areas. Everteen Intimate wash for women is specially formulated as it's ingredients are 100% natural ingredients which makes it perfect for all skin types. This intimate wash's ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, soap, SLS & SLES. The natural ingredients of Everteen intimate wash and wipe help to maintain the pH balance down there. Everteen Intimate wash & wipe will help women to have a pleasant and refreshing day. It also helps to keeps bad odours at bay while providing them a fresh feeling.

Everteen Sanitary Napkins

Buy Everteen Sanitary Napkins online in India at low price. Everteen sanitary pads are categorized further as Premium, Essential and Anion Sanitary napkins in India. These Everteen sanitary pads online in India are just perfect for all types of menstrual flow. Everteen sanitary pad provides extra comfort all day long. All sanitary pads from Everteen are made of cotton with two size variants that will fit perfectly and is extremely ideal for both light and heavy flow. For clean and dry protection throughout the day, you may want to use Everteen essential sanitary pads with the wings. If you have a heavy flow, you may also want to use Everteen Premium Pads for better coverage and protection during the day. Everteen sanitary napkins are designed for extra comfort, protection and is designed to perfectly fit all types of body. Everteen sanitary napkins online in India absorb menstrual liquid in seconds and protects against leaks keeping women dry, comfortable, and confident. Everteen sanitary pads in India will make women feel extremely comfortable so that they can get on with her work without having to worry about the leakage.

Everteen Menstrual Cup

Buy Everteen menstrual cup online which is made from medical grade silicone that is reusable. Everteen menstrual cups are specially designed to make it easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Everteen menstrual cup is soft, reusable, flexible and easy to fold & to insert. Everteen menstrual cup is sufficiently rigid so that it can pop up easily after insertion into vagina. Everteen menstrual cup flexibility allows women to bend as they move thereby providing them with the ultimate comfort and protection throughout the day. Everteen menstrual cup is worn inside the vagina unlike sanitary pads and it will collect the menstrual fluid which can be poured out at the end of the day. As this will not cause any kind of dryness, irritation, itching or any discomfort in the vagina. Buy Everteen menstrual cup in India which can collect three times as much as tampon does. Everteen reusable menstrual cup is user-friendly, safe, economical, reusable, eco-friendly and a safer option for menstrual hygiene compared to pads and tampons.

Everteen Tampons

Buy Everteen Tampons online in India - high quality, perfect absorbent tampons which promotes the maximum freedom and full protection for women during periods. Everteen tampons are made of cotton with gentle cloth-like cover, a round head in a cylindrical shape which facilitates easy and much comfortable insertion. Everteen tampons in India provide utmost protection to your underwear without any leakage. Everteen tampons in India are non-chlorine bleached. A perfect absorbent tampon used for a moderate flow which will provide you natural protection during the menstrual cycle. Everteen tampons online in India gives protection up to 8 hours with 0% staining and no unpleasant odour. Unlike sanitary napkins, women will not feel the constant flow of blood. Everteen Tampons are made of high absorbent fiber mixed with cotton and rayon to ensure maximum absorption capacity that quickly absorbs light to heavy blood flow.

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Very happy with the product range and services
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Very happy with the product range and services
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