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Buy Period Panties online in India

Period Panties are just like the normal underwear but with absorbent pad stitched between the layers of the panties. Period Underwear can be worn by girl and ladies of all age who are menstruating. Leak proof panties can also worn by women who are menstruating, bleeding after giving birth, recovering from gynecologic surgery, experiencing a miscarriage or abortion. Panty pad is also worn in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from the vagina. It is also known as sanitary towel, sanitary period panties, period underwear and leakproof period panties.

A menstrual period panty is a type of feminine sanitation product which is worn externally. Unlike period panties online in India, tampons and menstrual cups are worn inside the vagina. There is no need for a woman to change her panties frequently as there are three layers of absorption which allows her to wear it for the entire day. But there are other types of period underwear which comes with removable and replaceable insert. With those types of period panties, the frequency of changing the inserts varies depending on her menstrual flow whether it is heavy or light. Panty pad in India are manufactured from a range of materials to make it leak proof period panties and have better absorption. These period panties online in India differ from the higher absorbency incontinence panties whereas those are worn by people who have urinary incontinence problems. Even panty pads are also used for incontinence problems by certain people.

Types of Panty pads

The Period Panties are majorly categorized into two types – Removable and Reusable.

Removable Period Panties

It is designed to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, spotting, and slight urinary incontinence. It can be used as a backup for a tampon or menstrual cup use. These reusable period panties are very compact and thin pad. It can be used as an absorbent, as a regular or Maxi/Super pad but with less mass. Removable period underwear can also be used as a middle-range absorbency napkin. There are few types of removable period panties for a larger absorbency. It is useful for the start of the menstrual cycle when menstruation flow is heavy. Also, It is a longer insertable pad to allow for more protection. It is suitable for the wearer when she is lying down. It is a pad with the absorbency level suitable for overnight use. Removable Period panties are also available for women who are in their maternity phase. Those are generally slightly longer than regular period panties. These are designed to be worn to absorb the bleeding that occurs after childbirth. Besides, it can also absorb urine.

Reusable Panty pad

Reusable Period Panties are made of cotton and also known as Period panties or Period Underwear. They are worn by women of all age to prevent menstrual blood from leaking onto clothes. They are a type of reusable period panties. They act as a viable alternative to disposable period panties and to menstrual cups. They are cheaper than disposable pads and decrease the amount of waste produced. Generally, Panty pads are made of three layers of absorbent fabrics. Such fabrics include cotton or hemp which is worn during menstruation, post-birth bleeding or any other situation. It is essential to absorb the flow of blood from the vagina and to protect underwear from the regular discharge of vaginal fluids. After use, they are cleaned, dried and then used again.

Uses of Panty pad Online in India

Period Panties are worn to absorb menstrual discharge in order to protect clothing and furnishings. When she buys period panties online in India, there is no need for her to carry an extra or backup pads in her purse or bag. Many people who experience urinary incontinence too use period panties to manage urinary bladder leaks. But, since menstrual pads are designed to absorb menstrual flow exclusively so they are also as efficient in absorbing urinary leaks.

Advantages of Period Panties online

  • It can be worn for both menstrual cycle and sometimes for incontinence.
  • It can be used for both light and heavy flow.
  • It can be worn overnight.
  • It is easier to use than tampons and menstrual cups.
  • It is better if you prefer external products.
  • It allows you to better monitor flow.
  • It doesn’t increase menstrual cramps.

Do's and Don't of Period Panties


  • Recommended to use clean and dry period panties or inserts
  • If in case of removable period panties, always change the inserts every 4-6 hours even on light flow days
  • Always wash by hand
  • Always use a mild soap to clean the period panties and inserts
  • Rinse thoroughly to get rid of soap residues on the period underwear
  • Dry in direct sunlight or in a well-ventilated area
  • Store in a clean and dry place
  • Iron only if necessary
  • Always wash by hand


  • Do not dry on a flat surface.
  • Do not wash or soak it in hot water as it will set stains.
  • Do not use a wet/damp inserts or Period panties
  • Do not store wet period underwear or inserts in cupboard.
  • Do not use washing brush on them
  • Do not use any kind of bleach
  • Where to buy Panty pad?

    Unlike the ancient days where women need to stop by the nearer medical shop or pharmaceutical outlet to buy the sanitary product, but now one can buy period panties online in India at low price with assured privacy. Period panties are not so easily available in all shops in India. But there are still women who feel shy to buy such products from stores. So for those people, Shycart has made it easier to purchase online. It provides complete privacy and discreet packaging. Best brands at lower prices are available at Shycart!

    FAQ's for taking care of your Period Panties

    How should you take care of your care period panties?

    The exact way of taking care of period panties depends upon the material and construction of each brand of underwear. The majority of period underwear can be washed in machine. But shycart recommends drying the period panties in direct sunlight and air that contains PUL waterproof lining. Do not wash the period panties using fabric softener because it will make the period underwear less absorbent.

    Do period panties smell?

    Bacteria will grow in the leftover blood which may cause foul odors. To avoid this situation, rinse and wash away all traces of blood in the period panties before using or storing them.

    Can I put my period panties in dryer?

    Yes, you can. In order to prolong the lifespan of period panties, it is advisable to dry them in the air. If you put the period panties in the dryer, the heat from a dryer can cause the waterproof lining to shrink.

    Can you wear period panties for 24 hours?

    Yes. Depending upon your menstrual flow, you can wear period panties for 24 hours. If your menstrual flow is moderate or heavy, change your period panties more frequently in order to avoid overflow or compression leaks.

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