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Buy Intimate Wash for Men online in India

Buy best Intimate Wash for men online in India at low price. It is a common fact that men don't care much about their intimate hygiene. One could find umpteen number of reports advocating this statement. But it is very important to maintain good hygiene down there. It should become a regular habit for men to keep their intimate area clean and fresh. Buy Hygiene wash for men online to do so. Otherwise, poor intimate hygiene will cause serious problems and diseases in men making them more susceptible to irritation, itching and bacterial infections. So many men end up using the regular bath soap, which is made for body, not the intimate area, without even contemplating much about it. But here is the catch. When a man uses normal bath soaps to clean intimate areas, it will end up having irritation or itching down there. Because regular soaps are alkaline-based soaps that are meant to balance pH level of skin, not penis. The pH level of skin varies from 5 - 6, but skin on intimate regions are much lower compared to the regular skin. Using normal soap on penis will disrupt pH balance which makes the skin go dry causing irritation and itching. When this happens, the intimate areas become susceptible to all harmful infections. Penis is populated with good bacteria which helps to fight foreign bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses. So using normal soaps will not only disrupt pH balance but also create a perfect breeding host for harmful bacteria. This is why it is highly recommended to keep intimate areas clean and fresh. Buy Best Intimate Wash for men online in India to keep intimate areas clean.

So, What are Intimate Wash for men?

Intimate Wash for men is just like shampoo or shower gel that are specially manufactured using a unique formula to cleanse men's intimate areas. Intimate Wash for men online in India will help to protect oneself from irritation, itching and bacterial infection.

The discomfort in the intimate areas can be caused by several reasons due to poor hygiene, poor diet, using normal bath soaps (alkaline soaps) and even from perspiration and tight clothing. But these hygiene washes for men are tested clinically and dermatologically to ensure no infection or irritation. Best Intimate wash for men online in India is certified as safe to use. Intimate Wash for men in India is made of 100% skin-friendly ingredients to balance pH level in penis. Mild cleansing properties and skin-friendly ingredients make it perfect solution for cleansing intimate areas.

What to look for when buying Intimate Wash for men in India.

  • 1. When buying a hygiene wash for men, first and foremost thing taken into consideration is ingredients from which these intimate washes are made.
  • 2. Always buy alcohol-free Intimate Wash for men because alcohol will cause dryness and irritations.
Ingredients in Intimate Wash for men

Ingredients used in Intimate wash for men online in India varies from brand to brand. Every brand uses its unique and own formula after testing male hygiene wash clinically and dermatologically. However, common ingredients found in best Intimate Wash for men online in India are as follows

Glycerin, Aqua, Suitable leaf extracts, Lactic acid. Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide.

How to use Intimate Wash for men?

  • 1. Before using, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • 2. Now squeeze men's intimate wash bottle to get sufficient to rinse intimate area.
  • 3. Now rub and spread soapy gel all over intimate area.
  • 4. Soak it for a few minutes.
  • 5. Wash the intimate area.

Note: Not for internal use. Keep out of children's reach. Store at room temperature. Advised to consult a doctor before using.

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