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Buy Intimate Wash for Women online in India

Feminine Intimate/vaginal wash is a hygiene product that contains a specially formulated liquid to cleanse women's intimate areas. The intimate wash helps to maintain, control and prevent the vaginal pH balance, dryness, itching, bad odour, sexually transmitted diseases and even cervical cancer. Also, these vaginal washes offer protection against Vaginal infections and inflammations.

There is always a stigma among women when it comes to discussing intimate hygiene even though they share everything about their faces and bodies with each other. Intimate areas always require additional attention to it besides just staying clean and fresh. Usually, women clean their intimate areas with their daily bath soaps. But those are alkaline base soaps which will adversely affect the vaginal pH and consequently, causing dryness, itching and creating a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The bath soaps are meant to maintain the pH level of the skin, not the intimate areas. The skin's pH level is somewhere around 5.5 whereas vaginal pH must be maintained between 3.8 and 4.5, in order, to avoid the potential and fatal vaginal infection. This is where the Feminine Intimate wash comes into the play. The concept of Intimate wash is hugely misled among women that these vaginal washes are just for fragrance and nothing more than. But it could do more than that. These vaginal washes are specially made to maintain the pH level of the vagina keeping it clean, fresh and free from dryness, itching, vaginal infection, bad odour and STD's.

Benefits of Intimate Wash

  • It will maintain the pH level of the vagina which is 3.8-4.5.
  • It will protect the vagina from infections and inflammation.
  • It will decrease vaginal discharge and never let it accumulate. This will mitigate the vaginal infection caused due to the discharge.
  • It is being recommended by Doctors these days.
  • Body-friendly and free from Parabens.

Who can use Intimate Wash?

Anyone who is suffering from dryness, itching, irritation and bacterial infection. There is no age restriction for using an Intimate wash. However, these should be used only after when a girl started menstruating. It can also be used to get rid of the bad odour due to vaginal discharge.

How to prevent vaginal infection and irritations?

The vagina is populated with numerous amount of good bacteria as found in other parts of our body. Lactobacillus is the most common vaginal bacteria which helps to maintain the pH level of the vagina between 3.8-4.5 with the help of lactic acid that prevents many vaginal infections. The predominant reason for itching, irritation and infection is the disruption of the natural bacteria and the change in pH level. So, it is recommended to use a vaginal wash to protect oneself from the infection and irritation. Using intimate wash will help to maintain the pH level of the vagina.

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