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Buy menstrual cup online in India

Buy menstrual cups online ,also check out how to use menstrual cup, reusable menstrual cups, benefits and reviews. Compare the best menstrual cup brands for the best quality and affordable priced products. Order menstrual cup online to have hassle-free and easy periods.
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Buy menstrual cup online in India

A menstrual cup also referred as period cup or sanitary cup is a feminine hygiene product made of rubber or silicon which is used to collect period fluid. Period fluid is collected in the cup until you remove it for emptying. Menstrual cup online in India are environment friendly alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads. Buy menstrual cup online at low price and switch to menstrual cups to experience hassle-free periods free from leaks and bad odor. Period cups online come along with all the information and instructions on how to use a menstrual cup, how to remove it and how long can you wear a menstrual cup. Check out all the details, reviews and ratings of the best products and start using one to get familiar with it.

Price of menstrual cup in India is affordable at the same time comes with the best quality medical-grade silicone shaped like a funnel with or without a stem. Menstrual cup buy online and have hassle free periods supporting plastic-free environment. A reusable menstrual cup means that the period cup can be reused thereby reducing the amount of waste generated from menstrual cycles. Follow the instructions on how to clean the period cup to maintain hygiene. Menstrual cup benefits like reduced order and leakage, sensation-free period, eco-friendly etc encourage to switch to a menstrual cup.

Use of Menstrual cups

  • They are used to collect menstrual blood.
  • Serve as a great eco-friendly sanitary product for women.
  • Menstrual cups are reusable and budget friendly.
  • Menstrual cups are safer to use.
  • Menstrual cups collect more blood.
  • Provides a rash-free and odor-free period protection for upto 12 hours depending on your flow
  • Using menstrual cup, you can have sex.
  • You can wear a cup along with an IUD also.
  • Menstrual cup price is reasonable and starts from Rs.374 in shycart.
  • Menstrual cup - How does it work?

    Menstrual cups in India are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone that is ultra-soft and gentle on the skin. The menstrual cup/ period cup has a flexible rim on top. When inserted, it creates a vacuum seal to ensure there is no leakage even if you are engaged in any physical activity. A menstrual cup collects the period blood instead of absorbing it like a pad or tampon. Since the cups form a tight seal, your period blood is not exposed to air and hence there is less odor. The advantages of menstrual cups have encouraged more and more women to use menstrual cups. .

    If you are using a reusable menstrual cup, depending on your period flow, it is to be emptied every 4 to 12 hours. The best menstrual cup provides rash-free and odor-free protection even when used for long hours. Using menstrual cups is the most pocket-friendly option since it does not create sanitary waste like pads and tampons. If you are looking for a more sustainable and economical option to manage your periods, buy menstrual cup online and use it as per the instructions. Check out the menstrual cup brands, read reviews and do a little research to find the one that works for you. Since they are available in different sizes, the best way to find the best menstrual cup is to buy one and start using it. With many benefits, menstrual cups have become a popular alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. Switch to menstrual cups and experience complete period comfort.

    Dimensions of Menstrual cup online in India

    Circumference 4.0cm
    Height 7.0cm
    Stem Length :25mm
    Volume: 25ml

    Menstrual cup sizes in India

    When you buy menstrual cup online at low price in India, you can always choose the perfect size for you since menstrual cups are available in different sizes for all girls and women. Sizing is determined by overall build, childbearing history, and pelvic floor tone. Choose your size and colour. Size chart predominantly comprises three sizes which are small, medium and large.

    • 1. Small Size: Smallest menstrual cups in India are for those who have under 30 and not had a vaginal birth or teenager.
    • 2. Medium Size: Medium menstrual cups in India are for having under 30 with heavy flow.
    • 3. Large Size: Large menstrual cups online in India are for those who have over the age of 30 and had a vaginal birth or have a heavy menstrual flow.

    How to use menstrual cups?

  • Buy menstrual cup online and get familiar with the product
  • Before your period, fold the menstrual cup and insert it like a tampon.
  • You should not feel any pain when inserted correctly.
  • Once in place, the menstrual cup springs open (if not, you may need to rotate it) to form a tight seal against the walls of your vagina.
  • Your period blood is collected into the cup.
  • To remove the menstrual cup - hold the stem and pinch the bottom to release the seal and carefully pull it out.
  • Empty the cup, wash it with soap and water and reuse.
  • At the end of your cycle sterilize the cup and store it to use on the next periods.
  • Menstrual Cup Side Effects

    There is no side effect, if the menstrual cup is cleaned properly after every use. It may lead to irritation, discomfort and pain due to improper use of menstrual cup. If you are still unsure about the menstrual cup, it’s better to talk to the gynecologist and have an opinion on menstrual cups.

    5 Tips to use menstrual cups safely

  • Before inserting or removing your cup, wash your hands with warm water and anti-bacterial soap thoroughly.
  • Wash your menstrual cup before and after use.
  • Clean the cup with a mild, oil-free, fragrance-free soap and warm water. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Wet your cup with water before insertion so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort.
  • Use right size menstrual cup to reduce the risk of irritation and leakage.
  • Advantages of Menstrual Cup - Infographic:

    Infographic explaining the advantages of menstrual cups

    Menstrual cup price in India

    The price of the menstrual cup in India is affordable also comes in different price range depending on the menstrual cup brands. It is always safe to buy a period cup made of health grade silicone.Compared to the price of sanitary napkins, the menstrual or period cup price is much more affordable since it can be reused many times. The period cups price ranges from Rs.435 to Rs.3600 depending on the brand. Pick the menstrual cup that is right for you as per the size instructions.

    Benefits of Menstrual Cup online

    Below is the list of the top 20 benefits of menstrual cup.

    • 1. 100% safer than plastic pads and tampons
    • 2. Reusable up to 10 years.
    • 3. Affordable price and less landfill waste.
    • 4. Better for the environment.
    • 5. Less embarrassing odour.
    • 6. Sleep longer and convenient.
    • 7. No leakage and Great cup for heavy flow.
    • 8. No more stains on underwear.
    • 9. Easy to use and free from allergies.
    • 10. Soft rim for pain-free insertion.
    • 11. Holds more menstrual fluid than tampons and sanitary pads.
    • 12. Can be worn for up to 12 hours.
    • 13. Vaginal pH and beneficial bacteria stay in place.
    • 14. Can live a normal life.
    • 15. Anxiety-free periods.
    • 16. No stress and No fear of heavy bleeding.
    • 17. Hassle-free and pain-free periods.
    • 18. Travel anywhere and more comfortable.
    • 19. Intercourse is possible with the period cup in place.
    • 20. User-friendly cup
    • 21. Able to do swimming and bike ridding during the menstrual time.

    Why do menstrual cups leak at night?

    Do menstrual cups leak? Why do my menstrual cup leak at night? These are the common questions everyone has once they switch to menstrual cup. Here are a few reasons why a menstrual cup leaks.

  • Using a wrong size cup
  • Your cup hasn’t fully opened to form a seal
  • Your menstrual cup is overflowing
  • You have not inserted the cup in the right position
  • The little holes on the rim of your cup are clogged
  • When you poo, because of the muscle contractions you are putting pressure on your cup which might cause little leaks
  • Sometimes fake leaks can happen during the heavy flow days of your period

  • Few leaks can happen in the beginning or till you get used to the product. Using a panty liner along with a menstrual cup would help you in such situations. Also, after rinsing your menstrual cup, take a little time to dry the cup to avoid fake leaks.

    Frequently asked questions about Menstrual Cup

    How long can you wear a menstrual cup / How often to change ?

    Depending on the flow and the day of flow, the period cup can be worn upto 12 hours. It can be drained every 4 hours on a safer note.

    How much blood does it hold?

    The amount of blood, a cup can hold varies from one brand to another. It ranges from 24ml to 30ml.

    Can you feel it?

    You can certainly feel it. But, as you keep it for long hours, due to the material it is made of, the femine silicone cup can be felt like in-built.

    Do menstrual cups work for heavy flow?

    They work beautifully for heavy flow. Even for heavy flow, the cup can be used to collect the menstrual fluid for long hours. The cup has to be checked for every 4 hours during heavy flow.

    How far up does a cup go

    The cup can comfortably cover up the vagina. Ensure not even the stem sticks out and it can cover up the top of the cervix.

    Can I wear during non-period days

    Initially, for practice,you could try wearing using non-period days to check the comfort and usage. But, cups will place some stress on the vaginal walls. So, it is not advised to wear during non-period days

    Do feminine cups for periods alter the pH value of vagina?

    They do not alter the ph Value since they collect the menstrual fluid.

    Can you sleep with the menstrual period cup?

    You can certainly sleep with your feminine vaginal cup. Since the cup spreads and holds up to the cervix, there is no way the menstrual blood will spill.

    Can an 11 year old use these cups?

    It can be used across all ages. Choose the size of the cup accordingly and it should be good to go.

    How to use and store a menstrual cup

    Menstrual cup is an small, flexible eco-friendly female hygiene product, when folded and inserted into vagina, collects the menstrual blood until it is emptied.Using a menstrual cup is said to have hassle-free and pain-free periods. A menstrual cup can be reused up to 10 years. To store a menstrual cup, a cloth storage bag comes along with the purchase of cup. Wash it and clean it as instructed after use and store it in the bag provided.

    Do they affect virginity / Does it tear the hymen ?

    To clearly understand and put it our clear, hymen has nothing to do with virginity. Hymen is a thin tissue covering the vagina. It gets torn with little stressful physical activity at a very early stage. So, using the cup will actually tear the hymen, if it is present. But, in no way, it affects virginity.

    Can I pee while using the cup?

    You can pee while using the cup. It can be squeezed a little higher for the urine to get out of the urethra.

    Do they cause UTI’s?

    They will never cause UTIs and they are no way related to the urinary tract infections.

    When was the menstrual cup invented & who invented it?

    It was invented in 1937 by American actress Leona Chalmers.

    How long can they be used?

    Can be used up to 10 years.

    Usage instructions

    Always clean the cup before first use. Wash your hands with gentle soap & water. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and then rinse your cup under water as it’s easier to tuck in when wet.

    Do you get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) by using menstrual cups?

    Toxic shock syndrome is very prevalent with tampons and sanitary pads that absorbs the blood and the gets the blood soaked in them. Blood, being a culture media, attracts lot of bacteria. On the other hand, they collect the menstrual blood and there has not been a single case reported of TSS.

    Will the blood flow back?

    No, the cervix is strictly an exit-only part. So, the blood will never flow back?

    Is there a possibility to loose inside me?

    Absolutely no chance, since the female genitalia is a finite human body part.

    Can we use it before marriage?

    These cups can definitely be used before marriage. It does not alter the pH value of the female genitalia

    Where can I buy menstrual cup in India?

    You can buy menstrual cups online in India or from a physical store. shycart is the most trusted online store providing 100% privacy for your online shopping. shycart showcases best quality menstrual cups in India from popular brands at best prices. Check out menstrual cup benefits, price and reviews. Order menstrual cup online and get delivered to your doorstep.

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