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Your conversation with the experts are completely confidential and never shared with any third party.

What is STD testing?

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is, as the name suggests, the diseases that are transmitted from one person to another by sexual intercourse. STD testing is a medical procedure to confirm the presence of bacteria/viruses that are transmitted by physical intercourse. STD will spread by any form of sexual intercourse - vaginal intercourse, oral and anal sex. However, STD testing is not a single test. In fact, there are many types of STDs -

  • 1. HIV
  • 2. Syphilis
  • 3. Herpes
  • 4. Hepatitis B & C
  • 5. Chlamydia
  • 6. Gonorrhea

Each STD will be diagnosed by different STD test. Be that as it may, the common procedures involved in STD test in India are urine test, blood test, cheek swab test, genital swab test. So book STD testing with 100% anonymity and get 100% accurate results from NABL accredited labs in India.

STD symptoms for Men and Women

Each type of STD will show ambiguous symptoms and in the early stages, it may even occur like common flu or fever. This makes it significantly difficult to detect certain STD. So the window time for the STD's to take effect is 28 days after sexual intercourse. Check out the common STD symptoms for STD testing.

Common STD symptoms in Men

  • • Blister or lesion around the penis
  • • Spots and Bumps on the penis
  • • Genital Discharge (White or Yellow)
  • • Pain while urinating and ejaculating
  • • Frequent itching on the penis
  • • Rashes
  • • Swollen testicles, epididymis, urethra and non-sexual joint (Elbow, Knee etc.)
  • • Pain in the Rectum

Common STD Symptoms in Women

  • • Vaginal Discharge (thick or thin, white, yellow or green in color)
  • • Itching or irritation in the vagina.
  • • Blister or Rashes around the genital area
  • • Burning sensation while peeing
  • • Pain while urinating and intercourse
  • • Pelvic pain
  • • Swollen non-sexual joints (Elbow, Knees etc.)
  • • Pain in the Rectum.

What is the STD testing cost in India?

Since there is no single STD Test for all the STD types. The STD testing cost in India varies depending on the type of the STD test. However, the basic STD Panel test costs Rs.2600 which includes tests for HIV test for both 1 and 2, Herpes 1&2 IgG, Herpes 1&2 IgM, Anti Chlamydia and Syphilis. Book STD test online at shycart to get accurate results with 100% anonymity and confidentiality.

What are the benefits of STD test?

Almost all the STDs are asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) and they are chronic too. So STDs can persist for long-term and its life-threatening. In fact, it may cause some serious damage to the organs. Even if it shows symptoms, it could be related to some other disease. For instance, symptoms of chlamydia are relatable to gonorrhea but these two require different STD tests. So it is important to get an STD test even if you very little doubt. Also, It is very important to get tested for STD during pregnancy as it will transfer from the mother to the baby.

How does STD testing online work?

Since we want to assure 100% privacy and accurate results, shycart's STD testing involves few steps as follows

  • 1. First of all, the person who wants to book STD testing online will have to answer the set of question or chooses the problem what he/she is facing. This will help the doctors to determine the type of STD test that has to be taken.
  • 2. We, shycart, will list the set of STD test to be taken and the sample needs to be submitted.
  • 3. Then, He/She will have to read the terms and conditions of the STD testing, before making the payment
  • 4. After the payment is done, shycart will suggest the person a few collection points near his/her location. This is where the samples will be collected for STD testing.
  • 5. He/She should choose the preferred collection point and the time for the sample collection to test STD.
  • 6. After choosing, shycart will communicate with a pseudo-name of the person to the collection point and the samples for the STD tests will be collected at the given time of appointment.
  • 7. On the date of the appointment, the person should visit the collection point to submit the sample for STD testing.
  • 8. The Collection point will share the Sample Reference Number (SRN) for the collected sample with us. Then, we will send you the SRN.
  • 9. Shycart communicates with the Accredited Labs to provide the SRN and the STD Test to be taken with the sample collected at the Collection point.
  • 10. The Accredited Lab collects the sample from the collection point and tests the samples. After testing for STD, the lab will send the report to shycart.
  • 11. Shycart will then send the report to the intended person. The STD testreports will be password protected.
  • 12. Shycart will remove the person's info and data from the database once the report is sent.

What are the cities that STD testing is available in India?

STD test in India are available in metro cities as STD test in Chennai, STD test in Bangalore, STD test in Mumbai, STD test in Delhi. Apart from these cities, STD testing is available in almost every cities in India.

Details of STD testing - STD testing cost, symptoms, STD testing online

STD testing is done to identify the sexually transmitted diseases. Since most of the STI's are asymptomatic, many people are not alerted to go for STD testing. But when neglected STIs can cause severe health problems both in men and women. The only way to know if one has an STI is to go for STD testing in India. STD testing consists of various other individual tests. Depending upon your sexual history you will be advised to go for the tests required. However, the basic STD Panel test costs Rs.2600. whereas STD testing cost in India depends on the type of STD test.

STD testing in India is also available online with 100% privacy and confidentiality. Check out how shycart's STD testing online works and even if you are in minor doubts, go ahead and book your STD testing right away. With 100% privacy assured, accuracy and reliability in results, shycart offers you STD testing online for all the STD tests.

How often do you need STD testing?

Your age, sexual history, other risk factors are considered to tell how often you need to go for STD testing. People should be aware that just by appearance or physical examination, it is not possible to confirm if someone has been infected with STD. Sometimes until the later stages of infection, STD infected person can be asymptomatic. Hence depending on your sexual exposure, it is always the right thing to go for STD testing when in doubt. If detected early through STD testing in India, most STDs can be treated.

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