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Female condoms

Female Condom is used for vaginal or anal sex. It is a thin pouch that can be inserted into the vagina to form a barrier to prevent the exchange of body fluids. Using female condoms is a women-initiated method that is designed to provide protection against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

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How do female condoms work?

Like male condoms, female condoms also called internal condom is a method of birth control. It is a soft, thin, loose-fitting pouch with a ring on each end. One ring is inserted into vagina, forming a barrier to prevent sperms from meeting the egg. Female condoms online provide a nice option for women to take initiative to practice safe and protective vaginal sex.

Female condoms in India

Female condoms in India are available at physical stores and online portals such as shycart where customers are assured 100% privacy. Womens condoms in India are free from latex and add pleasure to your loved ones. Despite their advantages, women condoms are less preferred for contraception due to many reasons. They are costly when compared to male condoms. They don't come in different varieties and sizes. It needs practice to use conveniently. Also, they are not easily available and as effective as male condoms.

How to use female condoms

  • Carefully open the pack and take out the female condom.
  • Stand in a comfortable position, such as keeping your one foot on a chair, squat or lie down.
  • Squeeze the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the female condom.
  • Insert the female or women condom into your vagina similar to a tampon.
  • Push the condom in until it rests against your cervix. The outer ring must hang outside your body slightly.
  • Use your hand to put your partner’s penis into the condom.
  • After having complete sex, twist the outer ring of the condom, pull it out and throw it in the dustbin.
  • Tips to use female condom

  • Before your intercourse, insert the female condom and be ready.
  • If you want more lubrication during sex, put a few amount of lubricant on the outside of the closed end that helps to go in easier.
  • Make sure the female condom does not get twisted.
  • If you feel that your partner’s penis is slipping between the condom and your body, then push the condom into your body.
  • Female Condom Effectiveness

    Female condoms are 95% effective when used perfectly as per the instructions every single time. Not everyone is perfect. So, in reality they are 75% effective. However, following few guidelines will help to make female condoms effective.

    • Use them correctly
    • Use a new one everytime you engage in sex
    • Wear it from start to finish, the whole time
    • Do not use it along with a regular condom
    • Use only suitable lubricants
    • Do not reuse

    Facts about Internal Condoms

  • Female condoms are 95% effective, if used correctly and consistently
  • They can increase sexual pleasures
  • Female condoms can be inserted into vagina 8 hours before sex
  • With practice, female condoms use will get easier and more comfortable
  • They can be used during periods, pregnancy and soon after childbirth
  • Does Not require immediate removal and so couples can enjoy longer love making sessions.
  • Compared to other contraceptives, women condoms give you more pleasure and better control
  • Female and male condoms cannot be used together
  • Do not reuse it
  • Are female condoms safe?

    Indian female condoms are safe and effective. They can be used along with other contraceptive methods and have no side effects. You can use a womens condom during menstruation and pregnancy also. The added benefit is that they are latex free and so anyone who has latex allergies can safely use female condoms in India.

    Lubricant along with female condoms

    Female condoms are pre lubricated for easier use. You can always add additional lubricant during intercourse. It is always important to use condom compatible lubricant for maximum safety. Check the condom packet to see what are suitable lubricants. Female condoms are 100% effective as long as they are used properly. Buy Female Condoms from shycart and feel safe, relax and enjoy your sex.

    Are female condoms more pleasurable?

    Unlike male condoms, which are tight on the penis and block or diminish feeling, female condoms are soft and feel tight. Consequently, it is thought that using women condoms is more comfortable than using male condoms. Some female condoms online are more enjoyable than latex condoms, as they are made of heat-transmitting materials.

    Frequently asked questions about Female Condoms

    What are female condoms?

    Female condoms which are made of soft, thin latex are used by women during intercourse as a safety measure against unplanned pregnancies. Female condoms provide the same benefits as male condoms.

    Can you use a female condom on your period?

    Yes. Female condoms can be used in periods. The menstrual fluid does not have any impact on condoms safety and effectiveness when used correctly.

    Can we reuse female condoms?

    Female condoms are for single use only. They cannot be reused. When not used properly as per the instructions, no condom ensures safety and protection. For female condoms to work well, you have to use a new one every time.

    Can we use lubricants along with female condoms?

    Female condoms are pre-lubricated for ease of use, but you can always add more suitable lubricant if needed.

    Who can use female condoms?

    Anyone who wants to have protected safe intercourse can use female condoms. Female condoms provide safety and protection to both partners against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

    What are the advantages of using female condoms?

    Female condoms, when used correctly, can provide protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Using female condoms is a reliable method of preventing unplanned pregnancies with no serious side effects.

    What are the disadvantages of female condoms?

    Some couples find using female condom not comfortable during intercourse. Depending on the couple's personal choice, and what works best for them, condoms are to opt. Female condoms are not as widely available as male condoms.

    Are female condoms safe to use?

    Buy branded female condoms that are tested for required safety standards. Use female condoms as per the instructions provided for maximum safety.

    How do female condoms feel?

    Some female condoms can feel more natural and sensitive than latex condoms, which helps in providing enhanced pleasure and excitement. Some people find female condoms more comfortable.

    Are female condoms safer than male condoms?

    Female condoms are effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy, whereas male condoms are more effective. Inserting a female condom rightly needs some practice if not some there is a chance of body fluids to exchange. When used rightly, both female and male condoms are highly effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy.

    What are the side effects of using female condoms?

    Some people might feel irritation in the private part when internal condoms are used. Also, some couples find it less pleasurable to use. Opting a right condom totally depends on the couple's personal choice.

    How does female condom benefit women?

    Female condoms allow women to take more responsibility and control for preventing unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

    How do female condoms prevent pregnancy?

    Female condoms just like male condoms work as a preventive measure against unplanned pregnancies. Female condoms when used rightly and inserted properly, prevents the physical exchange of body fluids.

    Can male condom and female condom be used together?

    Male condoms and female condoms are not advised to be used together. Condoms might tear or rupture during intercourse which may lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

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