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Buy water based lubricant online in India

Buy Water Based Lubricant gel online in India. 100% skin-friendly. No Side Effects.
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Buy Water Based Lubricant online in India

Water based lubricant is a personal lubricant which is essential for safety and to enhance pleasure during intercourse. Water based lubricants in India are helpful for people facing problems with vaginal dryness and pain due to insufficient natural lubricant during sex. There are many water based lubricants available which are water soluble lubricant with water as their main ingredient. Because water based lubricant get absorbed into the skin and evaporate, most water based lubricants have a tendency to dry out during use, but reapplication of the lubricant or application of water or saliva is usually sufficient to reactivate them.

Unlike silicon lubes, water based gel when applied doesn’t leave any stains. Water based lube is compatible with condoms. You can buy water based lubricants online and the price of these personal lubricants is affordable. Shycart online portal provides detailed information about different types of personal lubricants, water based lubricant price, drawbacks if any. Buy water based lubes online at low cost with all the necessary information provided. Check our reviews for different lubricants and know the product in detail.

Advantages of Water based lubricant

  • Aids in pain-free intercourse
  • Reduce friction between the gentials
  • Have smooth, slippery texture
  • No side effects such as irritation or skin rashes
  • Skin friendly
  • Condom compatible
  • Can be used with Sex toys
  • Leaves no stain
  • Easy to wash off of gentials
  • Non-sticky
  • Prevents Condom breakage
  • Ideal for all sexual activities

Best water based lubricants in India

Water-based lubricant is the best lube that can make intercourse more comfortable by eliminating any discomfort from dryness. Many people choose water based lubricants as they are simple, easy to use and user-friendly. These lubes are not sticky and so they create less mess. With many products available from different brands in the market, you might be wondering ‘which is the best water based lubricant in India’. Here are some of the best water based lubricants available on shycart that are safe and reliable.

KY Jelly Personal Lubricating Gel, Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant, Durex play massage lubes, Kamasutra lubes, skore cool lubes are some of the best water based lubes. Buy water based lubes online on shycart with 100% privacy.

Top Water bases lubricant brands

Durex, skore, KY jelly and kamasutra are the top brands offering water based lubricants in India. From flavoured lubes to warm and cool lubes, there are different varieties to choose from. Buying lube is a couple's personal choice. Based on their preferences and needs buy best lube online and enjoy your intimate nights.

Why should one buy Water Based lubes in India?

The natural gel consistency of water based lubes can help to make the experience more comfortable and smooth. When the water based gel is used, it creates a natural wet feel and reduces friction between the gentials and doesn’t leave behind any stains. It is non sticky and thus easy to wash off. When you buy water based lubes online in India, they are skin friendly and no side effects such as irritation or skin rashes. Water based lubes can be condom compatible and aids in pain-free intercourse and also satisfy the sexual desires and make the sexual fantasies and dreams come true. With all the mentioned advantages of water based lubricants, many couples ,beginners or amateurs who want to try out lubes and have no idea what to choose, water based lubricant is the best and safe bet. Buy water based lubes online in India at low price which will let you completely immersed in the divine love by the silkiness of water based lubricant.

Frequently asked questions about Water based Lubes

Why should one use water based lube?

Using water based lube would be a great addition to enhance your sexual experience. Some people irrespective of vaginal fluids, still love to use a personal lubricant to make great sexual pleasure. When women notice vaginal dryness, they might experience discomfort during sex. In such situations, using a personal lubricant would help to provide more ease and comfort during intercourse.

Is water-based lube safe to use?

For first timers, it is a big confusion if it is safe to use a lube lube. But water-based lube is the safest of all to experiment with. Since this lube is majorly made of water as main ingredient, it doesn’t cause any vaginal irritation. People with sensitive skin can also give it a try. Water based lubes are non-sticky and easy to clean. Since it is easily absorbed, just a re application would be required sometimes. Water based lubes can be used for all your sexual needs.

How is water based lube different from silicon lubes?

Silicon based lubes are long lasting and is not absorbed by skin easily. Silicon lubes doesnt evaporate quickly and hence need not be applied again. They do not contain any water. Where as waterbased lubes is mainly made of water which is absorbed by skin easily. Hence it evaporates quickly and reapplication is required. Water based lubricants are easy on skin and easy to clean off and they doesn't leave any stains. They are safe to use with condoms.

What does a water based lube mean?

A water-based lube is a personal lubricant with water as major ingredient. When used, it absorbed easily into skin without creating any irritation. Women with vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse find using a skin friendly personal lubricant beneficial.

How to use a water-based lubricant?

There is no particular way to use a lube. Follow your comfort levels and know what your body needs. Apply lubricant during intercourse. Apply liberally till you find it sufficient and comfortable especially when you have vaginal dryness. Reapply whenever needed.

What is the best lubricant to use?

When trying for the first time, the safest is the best. Water based lubes are considered to be the best safest personal lubricant. Easy to use, easily absorbed and easy to wash off. Using a personal lubricant is a simple and fun way to make your sexual acts more pleasurable.

Where can one buy water based lubes?

Online portal is the best place to buy lubricants online at low cost. Hassle free shopping along with proper information about the product is available online. shycart provides 100%privacy assured shopping. Check out water based lubricant price, reviews and ratings.

What are some water based lubes?

Some of the best water based lubes form major brands which are safe and available online at low cost.

K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant

KY jelly tube contains 82g lubricating liquid. It is prepared in a form that is free of any taste and flavour. It is non-sticky, non-greasy and non-staining. It helps to enhance your intimate moments, more comfort and pleasure during sex. Buy KY jelly personal lubricant online today!

Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant

Durex play tingle gel, not only will give excellent lubrication, but it can also add zest to your intoxicating intimacy. And this Durex play lubricant with your sex toys can result in more satisfaction

Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Intimate Lube

Durex play sensual lube is perfect for exciting aromatherapy, smooth and silky sensual massage gel and Durex intimate lubricant has the delicate fragrance to really arouse your senses!

Skore Cool Lubes

Skore cool lubes tackle the problems of reduced lubrication. Reduced lubrication can be triggered due to several reasons. It may cause discomfort and irritation in the genitalia.. Personal lubricants increase the flow of blood to the genitals. It gives the immense cooling sensation that helps to bring about multiple orgasms.

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