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Buy Ultra-thin Condoms online in India from Rs.60. Ultra-thin condoms are ideal for nothing in between feel.
Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - 10 Pcs
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Ultra thin condoms for more natural feel

Ultra thin condoms creates a real intense contact during sex and are much thinner than the regular condoms. A thinner condom provides the best feeling and high sensitivity during intercourse. They are specially designed for the most natural feeling and increased sensation and stimulation. The natural soft material used in ultra thin condoms gives you intimate pleasure because of the less material between you and your partner.

Buy ultra thin condoms online

shycart showcases a wide variety of condoms in different textures, flavours and materials. Explore different types of condoms from best condom brands like durex, skore, invigra, carex and more and buy the one that best fits your sexual needs. shycart brings you the thinnest condoms ever specially designed for greater intimacy. We assure 100% privacy and discreet packaging for the products.

Benefits of using ultra thin condoms

Here are the benefits of using the best ultra thin condoms

  • Less likely to feel the condom
  • More comfortable to use
  • Provide more natural sensations
  • Less material and more intense contact during intersourse
  • Safe and effective as regular condoms

Are thin condoms safe

The level of protection a condom provides is not related to its thickness. Thin condoms provide heightened sensitivity and a more natural feel with no compromise on safety and protection. They are electronically and dermatologically tested against any holes and imperfections to endure high levels of protection and strength. Upon right usage and storage, they provide you safety against pregnancies and other STDs.

When are ultra-thin condoms preferred

Anyone who wants to have less material between you and your partner and those who think condoms can decrease the sensation and make sex less pleasurable, can opt for ultra-thin condoms which are designed for high sensitivity and more pleasure. Feel the extra contact and extra closeness when you use extra thin condoms.

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