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Buy Intimate Wipe for Women Online in India

It is a well-known fact that women are cleaner than men. You could find umpteen number of reports bolstering this statement. It has become a habit for women to keep themselves clean and fresh. But the question is how many women are accomplishing to keep themselves real clean. Even though they are cleaner than men, they are more susceptible to irritation, itching and bacterial infections. This is just because of their natural human body phenomenons such as menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge and to name a few. So many women end up using the handy solutions they could find to keep themselves clean without even contemplating much about it. But here is the catch. If you use normal/bath soaps to clean the intimate areas, you will end having more irritation or itching. Because those soaps are alkaline base soaps that are meant to maintain the pH level of the skin, not the V. The pH level of the skin is about 5.5 but the vagina's pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5. The vagina is populated with good bacteria, Lactobacilli which secretes lactic acid to maintain the vaginal pH as low acidic as possible and to fight the foreign bacteria, yeast and viruses. So using the normal soaps will only disrupt the Lactobacilli and create a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and making you more susceptible to infections. Here's where the Intimate Wipes comes into the picture.

So, What are Intimate Wipes?

Intimate wipes or Intimate Hygiene wipes are just a piece of cloth that are specially fabricated to cleanse women's intimate areas. Intimate wet wipes will protect you from irritation, itching and bacterial infection.

The discomfort in the intimate areas due to menstruation, chemical-based soaps/shampoos and even from perspiration and tight clothing. Using a regular tissue on the sensitive area is harsh which might cause irritations. But these intimate hygiene wipes are tested clinically and dermatologically. Intimate wipes are ultra soft and made of 100% natural and biodegradable fabric and free from alcohol, parabens and SLS. The mild cleansing properties and natural ingredients make it the perfect solution for cleansing the intimate areas.

Ingredients in Feminine Intimate wipes

Ingredients of the intimate hygiene wipes are not the same for every brand. Each brand uses their own and unique formula after testing it clinically and dermatologically. However, these are common ingredients in the organic intimate wipes.

Glycerin, Aqua, Chamomile leaf extract, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic acid.

How to use Intimate wipes?

  • 1. Before using, Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • 2. Now take out the intimate wipe (cloth) from the box and unfold it.
  • 3. Thoroughly wipe the outer vaginal area.
  • 4. After wiping, put the used wipe in the trash.
  • Note: Not for internal use. Keep out of children reach. Store in room temperature. Don't use if it causes irritation.

Things should be considered before buying Intimate hygiene wipes in India.

  • 1. Ingredients should be the first and foremost thing one should take a look at, before buying intimate hygiene wipes.
  • 2. It is highly suggested to go alcohol-free wipes because the alcohol will cause dryness and irritations.
  • 3. Wipe should be sturdy enough not to leave lint or residue on the vagina.
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