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Buy vaginismus treatment kit/vaginal dilator online in India

Check out the best vaginal dilator kit for vaginismus treatment. Vaginal dilators in India help to condition and maintain vaginal elasticity.
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Buy Vaginal Dilators Online

What is a vaginal dilator? A vaginal dilator is a medical-grade device that helps to keep the vagina elastic by stretching the muscles. Also called inserts or vaginal trainers, vaginal dilators help women to relax or strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to resume vaginal penetration, inserting tampons or make themselves comfortable during a gynecological exam. A set of vaginal dilators can be used to treat different conditions and potentially reduce anxiety around penetration.

  • Tube shaped devices made of silicone or plastic
  • Keeps vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable
  • Helps to improve tolerance to penetration
  • Safe, effective and comfortable to use
  • Can be used with personal lubricants
  • Used to treat a variety of conditions
  • Vaginal dilator sizes

    A vaginal dilator kit includes dilators of different sizes ranging from small to large and are used for vaginal dilator therapy. Some dilator kits brands come with a handle to make it comfortable to hold and use the dilator. To use vaginal dilators, start with the smaller size and once your vaginal tissues become more flexible and elastic you can gradually begin using wider dilators. Vaginal dilators for women are available in different sizes so that vaginal stretching and desensitization can happen gradually and smoothly. The purpose of using dilators is to lengthen and widen the vaginal opening by expanding surrounding muscles.

    What are dilators used for

    Vaginal dilators in India can be used to treat a variety of conditions by restoring vaginal elasticity. Women may experience vaginal pain due to a variety of reasons. Using vaginal dilators is a gradual process that results in stretching and relaxing vaginal tissues. During menopause, many women report uncomfortable and painful sex. Due to the low estrogen, vaginal tissues narrow down and result in painful penetration. Using vaginal dilators can help restore elasticity and reduce pain during penetration. Though there are other suggested treatments and therapies, using dilators is a part of the treatment suggested to treat the below conditions. When it comes to maintenance and conditioning of the vagina, using high-quality dilators gives effective results.

    Vaginismus is a condition where the vaginal muscles automatically tighten up due to the fear of penetration. It might be sexual penetration or using tampon vaginismus leads to involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles. Vaginal dilator therapy is a part of the treatment suggested to treat vaginismus..

    Using dilators before helps women to stretch vagina muscles and keeps vaginal muscles from becoming too narrow. This helps pelvic exams and vaginal penetration be comfortable. .

    Vaginal dilators can be a safe and effective form of therapy for those who experience pain during intercourse or penetration.

    Other conditions such as dyspareunia, vaginal septum, vaginal atrophy and post-radiation adhesions may call for the use of vaginal dilators.

    Types of Vaginal dilators

    There are different kinds of vaginal dilators available in the market. Knowing the differences between them helps you to choose the best dilator for you.

    Medical grade plastic dilators: Plastic vaginal dilators are firm and stretch the vaginal muscles better than silicone dilators. People who like you use firm dilators can choose plastic vaginal dilators

    Medical grade silicone dilators: Silicone vaginal dilators are softer. They offer a gentle, flexible and smooth feel. Some people find silicone dilators less irritating.

    Both are washable with soap and water. If you are still confused about plastic or silicone vaginal dilators, consult your health care physician and choose the best dilator online.

    Best lubricant to use with vaginal dilators

    Using personal lubricant with dilators helps to make the insertion process comfortable and easy. But what is the best lubricant to use with vaginal dilators? You can buy water-based lubricants to use with dilators. Oil-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants are hard to clean off. Also, avoid using petroleum jelly as it might irritate the tissues.

    Benefits of using vaginal dilators

    Gradual use of vaginal dilators help women to stretch their vaginal walls, relax the surrounding muscles and bring flexibility to their pelvic floor muscles. Some of the benefits of best vaginal dilators include

  • Reduce pain during sexual intercourse
  • Improve the quality of sex life
  • Gain control over the pelvic floor muscles
  • Restore vaginal elasticity
  • Helps to address vaginal tightening issues during menopause
  • Opens the vaginal canal and ease pelvic exams
  • Ideal method to treat medical conditions like post cancer adhesions, vaginismus, vaginal atrophy
  • Helpful tips to use dilators successfully

    Vaginal discomfort occurs more often due to various reasons. While some people might have more profound medical conditions, for some people using vaginal dilators can help to treat their condition. Vaginal dilators in India are prescribed by doctors as a part of physical therapy and using dilators for women is medically proven to help ease sexual discomfort and pain during pelvic exams. Buy vaginal dilator kit online and treat your vaginal discomfort by following the helpful tips on dilators.

  • Create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
  • Privacy while using the dilators is best
  • Start slowly by choosing the comfortable size dilator
  • Practice the dilator therapy as instructed
  • Gradually move on to the next size
  • Read instructions and use the dilator correctly
  • Where to buy dilators in India?

    If you are looking to buy vaginal dilators online, shycart is the best online portal to buy sexual wellness products with 100% privacy and discreet packaging. shycart showcases the best quality vaginal dilators in India from trusted brands. Check out different dilator brands and buy best vaginal dilator online and use as per the instructions provided to see the best results. Buy vaginal dilators for women online and use them regularly to maintain a healthy vagina.

    Are there any side effects of using dilators?

    Vaginal dilators are a no-prescription method to treat various conditions that cause vaginal discomfort in women. When vaginal dilators are used consistently as per the instructions, it improves vaginal health. Vaginal dilators for women are considered safe and effective to use. Consult your doctor before you start dilator therapy at home. Your doctor can suggest to you some tips that can work best for you.

    Some possible side effects can be spotting or bleeding after the session. Light-weight spotting and bleeding is a common side effect. If bleeding continues for a longer duration or if you notice excessive bleeding, call your doctor.

    Why should one use Vaginal dilators?

    For women who experience vaginal tightening or vaginal pain during intercourse, insertion of tampons or pelvic exams, using vaginal dilators online in India helps to relax vaginal muscles and reduce pain. Buy vaginal dilators online in India to overcome vaginismus and other related conditions. This is a home remedy that one can do with complete comfort at home and see effective results.

    How often should i use vaginal dilators?

    Healthcare professionals usually recommend using dilators 1-2 times per day until you get used to the therapy. Depending on how your progress, you can increase the number of times or as suggested by your physician.

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