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About Bleu Condoms

The Indian society we live in is yet to be more mature and discuss a tabooed topic like, female sexual health in India – a trigger that drove Bleü founder, Komal Baldwa – to create revolutionary lessons from her personal experience while the common folks are being exposed to the toxic after-effect (vaginal itching and drying) of male condoms every time they make love. Audaciously, she flipped her bitter experience into an advantage for others by establishing Bleü and launching organic male latex condoms in India, which are free from Parabens, Glycerin, Artificial flavours and Benzocaine.

Bleu organic condoms are manufactured from 100% organic ingredients. It strongly believes that a woman has every right to decide what should be inserted into her vagina during protective intercourse. This motto is the fuel for establishing Bleu condoms as a brand in India and that is how Bleü organic condoms were born. Bleü organic condoms in India promises complete transparency to its users, by audaciously stating all the product ingredients at the back of every organic condom pack.

The organic condoms at Bleü are best defined as hypoallergenic condoms available online market in India. The Unique Selling Point of bleu condom is that they do not use any kind of harsh chemical while manufacturing this natural and organics condoms which are to be sold online in India. Also, they are free form carcinogenic agents in the condoms which is an unpleasant truth that most condom manufacturers do not wish to reveal to their consumers. So get, set, buy the most pleasurable organic condoms online in India for your lady love that is free from paraben, glycerine, benzocaine & artificial flavours, if you truly care about her.

Bleü organic condom's philosophy was strongly built around the belief that natural lovemaking and intercourse between a woman & men happens spontaneously and it should last longer than one quick act of lovemaking. That’s another reason for anyone to buy Bleü Organic condoms online in India. Bleu condoms introduce three premium range of chemical-free condoms.

  • 1. Dotted Condoms
  • 2. Ultra thin Condoms
  • 3. 3-in-1 condoms

Bleu Organic Dotted Condoms

Bleu organic condoms promise reminiscing moments that are exciting and richly satisfying. The best organic dotted condoms come in an extensive and exciting range, designed to satisfy the unique needs and preferences of its users. Bleu organic dotted condoms online in India are manufactured in compliance with international standards. It also goes through transcending quality assurance and clinical testing. Bleu organic dotted condoms come with specially moulded dots on the outer surface of each condom. With rows of specially moulded dots strategically placed all over the surface, this organic dotted condom will take you and your loved one to heaven of intense stimulation and unbound never experienced sexual pleasure while making love. Now Bleu condoms are available as organic dotted condoms online in India at low price for an even enticing lovemaking experience.

Bleu Ultra Thin Condoms

Buy Bleu organic ultra thin condoms online in India. Each and every Bleu Ultra thin Condom is clinically and dermatologically tested to ensure 100% organic and a high level of protection. Bleu condoms are made of premium quality latex, our condoms are always reliable. Ultra thin condoms online in India are specially designed to feel more natural while the transparent ultra-thin latex accentuates the high level of sensitivity. Bleu ultra thin condom's naturally soft skin-like feel (which is like wearing nothing at all) complements you indulge in real intimate pleasure, which is elevated by the pleasurable straight-walled fit for him, providing greater sensitivity and stimulation where it is needed the most. This ultra-thin condoms also ease friction and avoid stickiness for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment. And not just that what’s more is that these condoms also are made with interesting fragrances which are absolutely tantalizing!

Bleu 3-in-1 Condoms

Bleu organic 3-in-1 condom is also famously known as triple features condoms. This organic 3-in-1 condoms online in India caters three unique feature in a single condom which is very much appealing and enticing for both male and female partners in the act of lovemaking. The three unique features of Bleu organic 3-in-1 condoms are Dotted, Ribbed and contour shaped condom. Bleu organic 3-in-1 condoms are designed especially for sensitive skin. Try organic 3-in-1 condoms online in India that are free from toxic chemicals, paraben and glycerine. Buy Bleu organic 3-in-1 condoms in India for a comfortable and long-lasting experience! This Triple featured condom from Bleu combines the best of all premium Bleu organic condom's features such as dotted and ribbed texture and contour shape to satisfy both partners. 3-in-1 condoms online in India are organic condoms that are anatomically shaped, designed for easy fit and chemical-free condoms.

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