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Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - 10 Pcs

Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - 10 Pcs

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Durex Extra Thin Condoms (Formerly Durex Feel Thin Condoms) guarantees the user with greater sensitivity and secures and safeguards synchronously. Extra thin Durex condoms convey the feeling of no condom at all as it is designed with a Ultra-thin layer. Also, they are transparent and well lubricated filling your intimate moments with joyful experiences!

Buy Durex Extra Thin condoms online

Durex Extra Thin condoms are the closest to wearing nothing at all. They are made from the best quality material and are highly reliable. The Durex Extra thin condoms are the best way to add the element of surprise to your sensual fantasies and let the temptations go wild. Buy Durex extra thin condom online today!

Durex Extra Thin Condom - Product Information

Durex Extra thin condoms online ensures you more sensitivity and protection against STD and pregnancy. Best thinnest condoms in the rubber latex range of condoms are naturally lubricated and transparent. Durex Extra thin condom is the best thinnest condom in India. These condoms with their super-thin latex layer promise you a sleeker feel and heightened sensitivity helping you last longer in bed and protection as a regular condom. Thin condoms are straightly walled and posses teat at the end for the luxury fit. If you're looking for heightened pleasure without compromising the protecting, then Durex Extra thin condom is a best and perfect choice.

Description Straight walled, ultra-thin condom
Material Natural rubber latex
Type Extra thin condoms
Colour Transparent
Flavour None
Lubricated Yes
Shape Straight Walled
Thickness 0.055 mm
Length 180 mm (Standard Size)
Nominal Width 53 ± 2 mm
Condom Pack Size Pack of 10 Condoms
Extra thin price Rs.198
Usage For single use only.

Durex Extra Thin Condoms - Audio

Audio description for Durex thin feel condoms.

Durex extra thin size

Durex extra thin size is a standard size, which is the width of 53+/- 2 mm and length 180mm. It gives you the best fit while making love. The correct fit of a condom is always necessary as a loose or tight fit can make you uncomfortable during lovemaking. If you want an even better fit, you can opt for small size condoms. Buy Durex extra thin condoms and get the best fit for a pleasurable sensual experience.

Durex extra thin price

Durex extra thin price is Rs.198 for a pack of 10 condoms and Rs.66 for a pack of 3’s Durex extra thin condom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Extra-Thin condom feel like?

Durex extra thin condom brings you the feel of wearing nothing at all. The extra thin layer acts as a protective barrier and has been subjected to several tests to ensure its reliability. You can be assured of its quality as it gives you the best protection against STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Its thin layer acts as a second skin thereby providing you with the same amount of pleasure and genital stimulation that you would’ve had without a condom. With these ultra feel thin condoms, you can sense and feel your partner’s skin like its natural which wouldn’t be possible in case of ordinary condoms.

Does ultra feel thin condoms feel better?

Yes, obviously these “love sex” natural rubber latex condom feels thin while wearing and using, i.e. it acts as a second skin to the intimate region. You can multiply the fun by using a vibrating ring in addition to these feel thin condoms.

Are Durex extra thin condoms safe?

Yes, Durex extra thin condom is absolutely safe to use. Each Durex extra thin condoms are 5 times electronically tested to reliable quality.

Where can I buy Durex extra thin feel condoms?

Durex thin condom gets the appreciation as the thinnest condom in the world, Durex extra thin condom is one of the highest-ranked condoms in India. This thin feel condom is very much lubricated besides being good with individual lubricants. Lubricated condoms are best suited for smoother experiences. It is perfectly and appealingly designed. Durex slim condom is available in India both in stores and on the web.

How to use Durex extra thin condom:

1. Ensure the reservoir at the tip of the condom is indicating the exact direction before embedding it on.

2. Squeeze the tip to let out air and tenderly roll it down.

3. Use a water-based lubricant during intercourse to overcome dryness, even with lubricated condoms.

4. Using a Play Lube from Durex with condoms can enhance your stimulation. All Play Lubes from Durex is safe, unlike oil-based lubricants which can harm condoms.

5. And don’t forget to properly dispose of the condom after using it.

Do thin condoms easier to break?

Like all other regular condoms, ultra thin condoms are also clinically tested for any breakage or defects. When used as per the instructions for intended use, condoms effectively protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Are Durex extra thin condoms as effective as the regular condoms?

Extra thin condoms, regular condoms, extra sensitive condoms etc, all of them are tested for their quality and safety before releasing into the market to ensure safety and effectiveness. Durex extra thin condoms do provide the same level of protection against unwanted diseases also providing ultimate pleasure. Condom usage should be as per the given instructions.

How is Durex ultra thin different from Durex extra-thin?

Durex ultra-thin are the thinnest condoms in India. Ultra thin condoms are more sensitive and thinner than extra thin condoms.

Are Durex extra thin condoms lubricated?

Yes, Durex extra thin condoms are naturally lubricated and made of natural rubber latex.

What are the texture and thickness of Durex extra thin condoms?

Durex extra thin condoms are straight-walled with a thickness of 0.055 mm.

What are the benefits of extra thin condoms?

You can enjoy the moments and ultimate pleasure with extra thin condoms. Thin less noticeable condoms are specially designed to give more pleasure and lets the couple enjoy their moments. With extra comforts, thinnest condoms do provide the same level of assurance and protection like regular condoms.

Can Durex extra thin condoms be reused?

Durex extra thin condoms are for single use. These condoms cannot be reused. When not used properly as per the instructions, any condoms cannot assure protection against STDs.

Why should one use Durex condoms?

Durex is one of the most trusted brands with more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms. They use all fine quality raw materials and all the products are electronically tested. Durex products are designed for safe and protected pleasure during intercourse.

Why should one choose extra thin condoms?

Not every couple prefer the same condom. Coming to condom selection, it's all about the personal preference of the couple. Since there are many condoms available online from top rated brands, it is easy to buy a condom online with no hesitation.

Durex Extra Thin Condoms vs. Regular Condoms:

Enhance the intimacy of your most intimate moments with the Durex thin condoms. These condoms with their super-thin latex layer guarantee a sleek feel and elevated sensitivity while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom. One of the significant features of Durex condoms is their interesting fragrance so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.


  • It is meant for single use only.
  • If used appropriately, Durex condoms can diminish the danger of transmission of HIV (AIDs) and -other Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI). However, no technique for contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STI.
  • The product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

What are you waiting for? Buy the amazing Durex feel thin condoms online with assured privacy and discreet packaging!

Durex Extra Thin / Feel Thin Condom - Infographic

Feel thin condom reviews

Durex Extra Thin Condoms - Video:

Check out the video on Durex Extra Thin condoms!

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