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Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom - Close Fit 0.045 mm thin - 10 Condoms

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom - Close Fit 0.045 mm thin - 10 Condoms

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Durex Air Condoms, for an Earth Shattering Experience.

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - Product Description:

Durex air condom is one of the best thinnest condoms in India. You won’t feel that you are wearing a condom since it is an ultra thin condom. Air Durex condom is the latest condoms in the market. Durex Air condoms are described as extra sensitive and ultra thin condoms. All condoms are made using the finest quality raw materials and each condom contains a perfect level of lubrication. Durex thin air condom is designed to feel more natural, while the transparent super-thin latex helps to highlight sensitivity. Buy Durex air ultra thin condom online today!

Durex air condoms are highly popular among people especially for those who have sexual intercourse for the first time. There are a few companies that provide you with the ultrathin condom, but the problem is that they can easily break. Thus failing the protection against the pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. But Durex is the world’s best quality condom brand and you can trust this brand completely.

Every single condom is 5 times electronically tested to ensure a high level of protection. Durex air condoms offer excellent protection from STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and unexpected pregnancy. Air Durex condoms with their ultra-thin latex layer guarantee you a smooth feel and heightened sensitivity whereas providing 100 percent protection. Durex Air is the best condoms in India (2019).

So, you do not have to worry about using air condoms anymore. Just try the love sex Durex air and you will get to experience how smooth it gets between you and your partner. Experience how it feels to use the world's thinnest condom which is intended to support you with the completely-needed protection. This is the best thinnest and the highest-selling condom in India. Buy Durex Air & pump yourself up for a kinky experience tonight. No loss of sensitivity during sex. This is considered one of the best condom in India. Want anything more?

Durex Air Condoms for an Earth Shattering Experience:

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms – Product Information:

Description Extra Thin and Extra Sensitive
Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Flavour Non-Flavoured
Colour Transparent
Lubrication Lubricated
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Thickness 0.045mm - 0.075mm
Size Standard size
Size Dimensions  
Length 180 mm
Width 53 ±2 mm
Tested against breakage  Yes, 5 times electronically tested.
Condom Pack Size 10 Condoms
Air Ultra Thin Condom Price Rs.180
Usage For single use only.

Durex air ultra thin condom - Audio

Audio Description for Durex air ultra thin condom.

Durex Air Condom Features:

  • Clean Scent 
  • Pleasurable Fit
  • Naturally Soft
  • Ultra-Thin

Greater Sensitivity and Intimacy:

The super-thin condoms fit like a second skin so you & your partner can enjoy a heightened pleasure of intimacy. The straight-walled fit of these condoms heightens sensitivity.

Lubricated for Your Pleasure:

Experience your most intimate moments with your partner because air Durex condoms have a wonderful scent, so you are not distracted. This condom also eases friction, which makes it more interesting for both for you and your partner.

Protection Guaranteed:

Each air Durex condom in this pack is electronically tested to ensure complete protection. Made of high-quality latex, they are durable enough to withstand the most passionate sessions. What are you waiting for? Buy Durex Air condoms today! 

How to use Durex air:

Step:1 Handle these condoms gently with only clean hands.
Step:2 To start with, assure that the teat is looking up.
Step:3 Press it to ensure that there’s no air inside. While squeezing the teat, put the condom on & roll it completely down to the base.
Step:4 To discard it, hold the condom at the base as you haul it out gently.

how to use air ultra thin condom

Durex air size

Durex air size is length 180mm and width 53 ±2 mm. However, since it is the ultra thin condom, Durex air thickness is 0.045mm so thin, that you almost feel that it is present at all. It is almost like you are not wearing a condom at all.

Durex air price:

Durex air price is Rs.198 for a pack of 10 condoms and Durex air 3 pieces price is Rs.66. On an average, per piece of a Durex ultra thin price is Rs.20. This is the best priced and the best quality condom in the Indian market.

Durex air thickness:

Durex air condom thickness is 45 microns. That means 0.045 mm. This is very thin and thickness is less than the other thin condoms available in the condom market, whereas the usual condoms come in 0.065 mm – 0.075 mm thickness.

Durex air ultra thin condoms - Video

Are Durex air thin condoms safe?

Durex air ultra thin condoms are absolutely safe to use. No side effects! All thin condoms are made with high-grade material and it is electronically tested.

Why should you buy Durex Air Ultra thin condoms?

Durex Air ultra thin condoms AKA extra slim condoms/super thin condoms, are the latest offering from Durex condoms. These condoms create an almost “nothing-in-between” feel. These Durex Air condoms are able to add a lot more excitement. In other words, these condoms are specially crafted Durex Air condoms that can increase the intimacy, to create an almost no condom feels. They also provide greater heights of satisfaction, intensity and thrill during lovemaking. This is very thin to give you an extra sensation during lovemaking. Every Ultra thin condom is dermatologically and electronically tested & ratifies to a range of International Standards. Buy Durex Air Ultra thin condom pack of 10 and experience the intimacy.

Are Durex air ultra thin condoms 100% effective?

Condoms are the most effective means of avoiding birth control and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs). However, the surety of the Durex air condom depends on the correct usage and the brand of the contraceptive. Therefore, shycart advices to buy Durex air ultra thin condom and read the instructions carefully before opening the pack.

Is it recommended to use a Durex air ultra thin condom for oral or anal sex?

shycart recommended to wear a Durex air ultra thin condoms during sexual intercourse who want to be protected against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and birth control. Sexually transmitted infections are HIV, syphilis, herpes, HPV, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia can be passed during oral sex. Durex air ultra thin condoms are available in different flavors for those who do not relish the tase of latex.

Durex air review

Check out all the customer's reviews and ratings for Durex air condoms at shycart. Many of the customers have rated it 5 stars and have also commented about the Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms. Here are some of the durex air reviews.

Customer from Chennai: “Thank you so much for excellent packing and awesome delivery timing. One of the best website for personal things.!”

Customer from Pune: “Very thin and perfect lubrication...Amazing product and Awesome feel! I'm very happy with this product. 100% privacy maintained! Thanks a lot!”

Customer from Delhi: "Very informative and user-friendly website and quick delivery!” For more reviews, please check out shycart.

Where to buy Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms in India?

Buy durex air ultra thin condom online in India. Durex air ultra thin condoms are designed to provide the same high level of security and protection during intercourse. Durex ultra thin condoms have ultra-thin latex which provides more natural feeling and greater sensitivity. Buy durex air ultra thin condom online in India from shycart and enjoy your sex with your partner! Buy condoms online with privacy.

Benefits of Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom

High Sensitivity: The ultra thin layer present in the Durex Air Condom will create more sensitivity. During intercourse, both the partners can enjoy the sex and create more intimacy among them.

Straight Walled and Lubricated Condoms: Durex air ultra thin condoms are transparent. The teat end present in the durex latex condoms are easier to wear and provide a better fit during sex.

Size: The size of Durex air ultra thin condom is 180mm*53mm.

Durex Quality: The quality of Durex air ultra thin condoms are electronically tested for holes and imperfections.

Pleasurable fit:  Durex air thin condoms come in a pleasurable fit that perfectly fits most men. Ther are naturally sofe and come with perfect lubrication for a smoother intercourse.

Durex Air Reviews - Infographic

Infographic explaining the features and reviews of Durex Air condoms.

Infogrpahic about Durex Air Condoms - review , price - shycart

Durex Air Condom Details - Infographic:

Infographic explaining the features of Durex Air condoms about its size, its texture the material of these thin condoms and the various reviews of Durex air condoms

Infogrpahic about Durex Air Condoms - review , price - shycart

Durex Air Condoms - Video

Check out Durex air ultra thin condom details,

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